Toronto Product Photography

The Project

A line of sunglasses, watches and accessories came to us with the desire to create product photographs in a new way that was optimized for use on social media. Lifestyle photography met product photography to showcase the wearable, stylish pieces in a way that relates to the brand’s target millennial audience. Local influencers and models were cast and self-styled for true authenticity, lending the images further to the “how I wore it” lifestyle feel of the shoot.

The Moodboard

Everything surrounding the shoot began with location. As the brand was launching its Toronto location, city-centric backgrounds were at the core of what we wanted to produce. Based on these downtown hot spots, key colours like steel grey, sky blue, black and green were pulled from the surroundings, and incorporated in the moodboard’s palette. Styling was accordingly directed, with all shoot participants instructed to wear outfits that reflected the city vibe of the brand’s products and of the shoot’s intention.

The Outcome