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Our clients at AvenueMD are at the forefront of aesthetic medicine,
providing expertise both in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic
dermatology. They retained August Media to manage their social media
platforms, as well as create photo and video content for the digital
presence. Together, we’ve endeavored to create a professional, stylish
and informative web presence to reflect Dr. Motakis’ discerning eye
and professional expertise.

August Media
August Media

An Aesthetic Point of View

Personalized, quality care, client education and cutting-edge treatments are what the team at AvenueMD is all about. Through our work together, we’ve found unique ways to reflect these ideas in a new vision for their brand, as their core values so closely reflect our own.

August Media
August Media

As collaboration between our team, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Dimitrios Motakis and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Salsberg, we’ve build a beautiful brand presence that truly stands out from the common industry practices in the medical aesthetic industry.