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When we started working with Caper and Co., we wanted
to showcase a unique way to transform the aesthetics in the family
photography industry. Through our Branding, Web Design, and Social
Media Management, we are always looking for innovative and stylish
ways to share the wholesome moments they capture.

Caper & Co

A Modern Neutral Palette

When we think of Caper and Co.’s unique style of photography, we think of airy and bright hues of light, soft fabrics, and neutral colours; an overall feeling of warmth. These branding attributes stand true through our designs, imagery, and content creation for the brand.


"August Media have been so impressive to work with since Day One!

They created our entire branding package, our beautiful logo, our full website design, marketing material, they manage our social media account, as well as develop amazing content for our lifestyle photography business. We continue to be blown away by every single person on their team and we are so thankful for their expertise, professionalism, creative vision and design genius. They listen to our ideas/values, execute them perfectly, all while being very current and knowledgeable. We absolutely love the team at August Media."

—Carly McDonald, co-owner