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Radford is a powerful, female-owned beauty business with both a salon,
storefront, and namesake product line, founded by celebrity makeup
artist Victoria Radford. August Media was retained by the brand for
monthly social media content creation and management, and over the
span of our partnership, we looked for innovative ways to showcase all
aspects of their business and product line with eye-catching social
content and unique visual storytelling.

August Media
August Media

A Unique Approach

Through interactive Social Media Content Creation and unique Branding Photography sessions, we worked to build an asset library that helped the Radford brand tell their unique story. Our priority was to showcase its leading name in the beauty industry, and make this female-owned business stand out.

August Media
August Media

"A rare combination of incredible photographers, content creators and people who understand Omni media. Finally everything my business needs under one roof!"

—Victoria Radford, founder