Skincare Line Content Creation

The Project

Canadian-based .eluo. Beauty sent us their line of products and beauty tools to be photographed in a series of lifestyle images that both showcase the product and exhibit the natural, ritualistic aesthetic of the line. Our creative team envisioned an organic look and feel for the day, which impacted every aspect of the shoot. From location scouting, to casting a plant-based local influencer as the model, to the vintage and feminine pieces chosen for the fashion styling, our goal was to tell the story of the brand without the need to include product in every shot. Because .eluo. is all about daily rituals and creating time to practice self care, we sought out to depict a quiet and intimate morning routine, which was only further reinforced by the rainy weather that stormed outside while we shot in a cozy hard loft.

  • Date: May 1st, 2019
  • Client: .eluo. Beauty is a natural, Canadian-made skincare line of exfoliating masks and polishes inspired by ancient beauty practices.
  • Services: Full Creative Direction, Location Scouting, Photography, Creative Team Building, Fashion and Prop Styling, and Videography
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The Moodboard

The moodboard for this shoot was heavily influenced by the existing .eluo. aesthetic and the colours of the products themselves. Forma Viridi is a dry powder mask of a natural sage green shade and Forma Rosea is a clay-based mask in a rose hue that takes on a terracotta tone when wet. We took these earthen tones and styled them with natural linens, blush silks and nubby wool for both the fashion and the product styling. Inner beauty was the focus, so hair and makeup direction was left as simple and true-to-life as can be. We envisioned the posing to be languid and at ease, merely wanting our model to exist in the space around her, and genuinely try and test the product the way she normally would at home, without artifice. The resulting images are a perfect reflection of the line’s core values and intentions, and brought our original concept to life completely.

The Outcome