chef sous chef blog on desktop computer screen

Toronto Food Photography

The Project

Philip and Mystique came to us to create some Valentine’s Day content for their website and social media channels. We created a strategy, incorporating seasonal colours, making sure the ideas and moodboard fit with their blog’s overall aesthetic. Together, we chose the recipes they would make, ensuring that we incorporated a touch of red everywhere (right down to the red wine used throughout the process!). The overall goal was to create a very relaxed, cosy & authentic shoot that was true to Mystique and Philip themselves.

The Moodboard

It’s important to us to start every project with a moodboard, which both provides our clients with an idea of what the shoot will look like, but also helps us tie in the colours, textures, shots, and props that we plan to incorporate in the project. For Chef Sous Chef, we made sure to include the pops of red that would lend the images to Valentine’s Day timeliness, while not being overly themed so that the images couldn’t be used for evergreen content down the line. The images appeared on the Chef Sous Chef blog and social media accounts for Valentine’s Day and beyond. With this project, we helped Philip and Mystique establish a general aesthetic of natural light, clean styling and true to life colours that would become their signature style for the blog.

food blog photoshoot mood board

The Outcome

  • shallots on marble background
  • fresh parmesan cheese on cutting board
  • risotto incredients
  • wild mushrooms in bowl on marble
  • ingredients on marble
  • risotto food styling flat lay
  • food styling of risotto ingredients
  • couple cooking in kitchen
  • chopping wild mushrooms on wood cutting board
  • wild mushrooms on wooden cutting board
  • risotto ingredients flat lay on marble
  • cooking wild mushrooms
  • cooking risotto in home kitchen
  • beautiful couple cooking together
  • husband cooking in kitchen
  • fried wild mushrooms
  • wife in her home kitchen
  • couple cooking in kitchen
  • fresh parmesan cheese
  • pouring oil into Le Creuset
  • chopping ingredients on cutting board
  • grating parmesan cheese on risotto
  • farmers market ingredients in kitchen
  • fresh mushroom risotto
  • man cooking wild mushrooms
  • chopping mushrooms on cutting board
  • cutting burrata cheese
  • couple cooking together in kitchen
  • cutting up mushrooms on cutting board
  • sliced buratta cheese
  • couple making caprese salad
  • woman cooking in front of gallery wall
  • wine glasses on kitchen counter
  • couple cooking in kitchen
  • fried mushrooms in pan
  • couple cooking risotto together
  • grating fresh parmesan cheese
  • couple cooking together
  • grating fresh parmesan cheese
  • couple making caprese salad
  • drizzling oil on caprese salad
  • caprese salad on white platter
  • caprese salad and red wine
  • bottle of Dillon's cherry gin
  • couple cooking in kitchen
  • dillon's cherry gin flat lay
  • old fashioned cocktail
  • couple in kitchen reading cookbooks
  • couple holding cookbooks
  • flat lay on marble with caprese salad
  • blowtorch Crème Brûlée
  • fresh Crème Brûlée
  • mushroom risotto on plate with flowers
  • mushroom risotto on plate with flowers
  • mushroom risotto on plate
  • moscow mule flat lay on marble
  • Crème Brûlée with red flowers and ribbon
  • flat lay of pasta dinner with wine and flowers
  • wedding rings in wine corks
  • beautiful dinner setting